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A Family Tradition Diamond & Emerald Experts, Since 1938

Eshed is a worldwide diamond and emerald supplier. From Fifth Avenue in New York to La Place Vendome in Paris, and from London’s Bond Street to Asia’s finest shopping centers, Eshed is a trusted source for precious stones.

Our expertise is manufacturing, trading and marketing natural diamonds and emeralds with a special focus on precision and high quality cutting and polishing to maximize the beauty of each and every stone.

As manufacturers of natural diamonds and emeralds we participate in all the major tenders and auctions around the world from Russia to Africa, Belgium and Israel in order to obtain the most desired rough stones in the world. As you know it all starts from the rough.

Eshed was a pioneer in the field of “big size” diamonds when it first entered the field and was one of the first companies to implement advanced technologies for cutting and polishing. Today, we are proud to be among the companies leading the industry, and we aim to keep doing so in the future.

At our factory in Israel, master cutting skills meet state-of-the-art technology. That is how we achieve the highest standards of cutting and polishing. In the world of emeralds and diamonds, it is what makes all the difference.

Contact us at our conveniently located offices in Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and Israel. Come see us at any of the major trade shows in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Genève, or Basel, where we personally meet with our valued customers.

We specialize in diamonds between 3 and 30 carat. We offer single stones, matching pairs and fancy colored diamonds.

Our emeralds come in all shapes and range in size from 0.5 carats to 20 carats. We offer: single stones, rounds (3mm – 6mm and above), matching pairs, complete layouts (in various shapes and qualities), standard sizes (such as 10X8mm, 9X7mm, 7X5mm, 6X4mm, 5X3mm), and customized designs for high volume orders.

You’ll find Eshed’s beautiful diamonds and emeralds at discerning stores and boutiques around the world. Our diamond and gems are chosen by clients within the luxury business including high-end retail brands, dealers and wholesalers, private jewelers and local jewelry stores.


Eliyahu Eshed

A seventh generation Israeli, Eliyahu Eshed was born in Jerusalem in 1922. In 1938, at the age of sixteen, he began working as a diamond cutter for Carol Pickle in Tel Aviv and continued under Sam Moed. In 1942, he joined the Bukhara Diamond Cooperative, serving as director of the cutting department. In 1965, his eldest son, Avraham, joined the diamond industry and they established a diamond cutting factory in Netanya. Over the years, Eliyahu Eshed taught the skill of diamond cutting to many.


Avraham Eshed

The founder of Eshed Diam and Gemstar, Avraham is a second-generation expert in the diamond industry with over fifty years of experience. He was named Outstanding Exporter in 1977 and in 1989 when he received the honor from the president of Israel. In 2011, Eshed Diam was recognized as the country’s Outstanding Exporter to Asia by the Israel–Asia chamber of commerce.

Avraham is a co-founder and director at Sarine technologies, the worldwide leader in developing advanced diamond technologies, and is a founding member of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA). He has served as director of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association (IsDMA) and as chairman of the Israeli Emerald Manufacturers.

Avraham was recognized by IsDMA as 2019 Israeli diamond industry dignitary.

Lior Eshed

Both a trained lawyer and a GIA graduate, Lior is proud to be the first of Eshed’s third-generation family expert in the industry of precious stones. Lior is a member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange (IDE) and the IsDMA.

Liran Eshed

Head of rough acquisition and manufacturing, Liran is a certified lawyer and holds an additional degree in Accounting and Business Administration. Liran, like the rest of the family, is a member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange (IDE). For several years, he also managed JerusalemOnline.com which was Israel’s channel 2 news in English.

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