Eshed bought the largest emerald ever mined in Kagem mine

The "Chipembele", the 7,525 carat ‘rhino emerald’ is one of the largest high-quality emeralds in the world.

The 7,525-carat emerald named Chipembele, which means “rhino” in the local dialect of Bemba.

We at Eshed – Gemstar are very proud to be the new owners of the “Chipembele”, the 7,525 carat ‘rhino emerald’ which is the largest emerald ever mined in Kagem mine and one of the largest high-quality emeralds in the world.

Chipembele formed under near perfect conditions, allowing the combination of the elements beryllium, chromium and vanadium to crystalise into large, distinct hexagonal crystal structures with glassy surfaces.

The recovery of such a large high-quality emerald is extremely rare and was made possible by the skilled Kagem mining team, who practise gentle extraction techniques when mining in areas where emerald mineralisation is present. The outstanding specimen displaying rich golden green hue and brilliant crystal quality.

Naming of uncut emeralds is a tradition reserved only for the most rare and remarkable gems. While no official record exists, it is thought that not more than a couple of dozen gemstones have ever been given their own name, and it is extremely unusual to encounter a gemstone weighing more than 1,000 carats. Weighing 7,525 carats (1,505g), Chipembele – which means ‘rhino’ in the local indigenous dialect of Bemba – has earned a place in this exclusive club, and a name to match.

Chipembele carries unique DNA nanoparticle tagging, developed by Gübelin Gem Labs, ensuring that the resulting cut and polished gems can be identified and certified as having originated from this extraordinary gemstone and therefore from the Kagem emerald mine in Zambia.

Eshed – Gemstar also won an ultra-fine 935 carat emerald crystal which is expected to yield notable gems.

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